About Us

Proudly made in New York

Advocates, business leaders & medical professionals

Our team is made up a mix of life long New York residents and cannabis advocates with years of successful experience in highly regulated industries and creating jobs across New York.

Serving the greater New York state community for over 50 years across various industries gives us unique insights into the needs of the local population.

Our Core Mission & Focus

Community Service

From local event sponsorships to direct resource givebacks, being a great neighbor is part of our DNA.

Patient Education

Be it a public awareness campaign or our first of it's kind learning center, education is something we're fanatical about.

Industry Advocacy

We're staunch believers in the power of medical cannabis and routinely support causes the increase patient access.

Dedicated To Serving Our Customers

Our Stores

Remedy NY dispensary centers will serve as unique venues where patients will not only be able to obtain their medicine, but will also have an opportunity to speak with experts who can assist them in selecting the most appropriate products for their approved medical conditions as recommended by their physicians, while also providing patients with the latest scientific information and research advances on medical cannabis.

Each Remedy NY center is much more than a dispensing facility – it is a center that promotes ‘balance’ in treating what are often very complicated conditions. Remedy NY has created a first of its kind, detailed protocol that provides for comprehensive patient evaluations, medication delivery, case management and follow up. Because our patients are our primary concern, we are investing in helping them to be more effective partners in their own care, building a meaningful role for patients, their families and/or caregivers into every step of our process.

Remedy NY will employ experts on the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid therapeutics. Specifically, our pharmacists and patient care specialists and coordinators’ principal function will be to educate each patient, not only on medical cannabis and how it works with their bodies and in their lives, but also to assist in providing smooth and timely care through each phase of treatment and supportive care for each individual.

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